Livin’ Large on NBC

NBC's Guinness World Records Show airing January 26, 2008.

About a month ago, totally out of the blue, I received an email from a producer at NBC television. Long story short, he wanted permission to use a couple of photos I took of the McCrary Twins’ tombstone (situated outside of Hendersonville, NC) in an upcoming program about the Guinness Book of World Records. It appears that quality photos of the McCrary’s final resting place are hard to come by and through the magic of “the internets” said producer found this post on Bobke Strut.

Anyway, the program is airing tonight from 9pm-11pm EST on NBC. The McCrary Twins check in at #17 in the top 100 countdown. I can’t vouch for the overall quality of the program, I have no idea how my photos will be used, but I’ll definitely be DVRing the show to peruse my handiwork.