Who writes this?

Bobke Strut FAQs

1. Are you Bob Roll?
I am not Bob Roll.

2. What does Bobke Strut mean?
Let’s examine the etymology of this curious phrase…

First appearance in print: January 22, 1991
“At our usual morning meeting, our boss, Sheila Griffin, came from Motorola. I was hiding out in my silent corner - as usual, when sponsors show - until she circulated a letter that she received last November. Seems that an Army colonel stationed in Amman, Jordan, was pleased that Motorola is sponsoring a pro bike team, etcetera. He had some suggestions for Motorola, and when Sheila read suggestion No. 3 everyone went bonkers: ‘Number three - Hire Bob Roll!!!’ I almost fell off my seat. Whoa, I jumped up and started doing the Bobke Strut around the room, getting ‘high fives’ from all the homeboys. I was flying. Dag-Otto was absolutely convinced I either paid the Army colonel, or he was a relative.” Bobke. A Ride on the Wild Side of Cycling. Bob Roll. Velo Press, Boulder CO, 1995.
Second appearance in print: May(?), 1991
A letter to VeloNews, penned by friend and future Navigators pro “Slice” Norton, beseeched Bob Roll to demonstrate the ‘Bobke Strut’. To no avail.
Third appearance in print: January, 2004
This blog goes live in January, 2004 with the title ‘Bobke Strut’

Bobke Strut is the essence of being a consummate professional — dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s, right down to the creation of a signature dance move.

3. Have you ever seen the “Bobke Strut” performed?
I met Bob Roll once, and I think he was about 10 beers away from busting out the “Bobke Strut”. So, no, I have never seen a live rendition of the “Bobke Strut”. One can only imagine.

4. What’s your story?
My name is Peter Hymas and I’ve been putting in the training/racing miles on road bikes forever. Really. And I think professional cycling is the most beautiful sport on planet Earth. If you want to know how I caught the bug, read Heiden Seek for the details.

5. How do I get in touch with you?
Email: peterhymas[at]gmail[dot]com is checked regularly.

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