The Bikes of Bobke Strut…8

Year: 2001
Location: Summit of Grandfather Mountain, NC
Event: Bridge to Bridge Century
Frame manufacturer: A robot in Taiwan
Frame material: 6000 series aluminum
Gruppo: Dura-Ace/Ultegra 9 speed

The plethora of bikes already stacked up on those trucks hint at how much I sucked during my final crack at Bridge to Bridge. Total bonk city, all my own doing. I always laughed at pros who ran out of gas and said something like, "You know, I just forgot to eat". Now I know how that happens. The hard way. At least I didn't have North Carolina's legendary "Hand Crank Man" breathing down my neck like the year prior to this. (If you've ever done Bridge to Bridge you probably know who I'm talking about...) My epic mano a mano slugfest should have been my cue to just walk away from Bridge to Bridge.


But no, I had to subject myself to 105 miles of horror one more time...And damn did that climb up Grandfather Mtn hurt.

I had one of those "This sport sucks" moments not too far from those trucks in the parking lot atop Grandfather Mountain. I was rendered totally inert on a cot...just feebly nibbling Fig Newtons...crumb by crumb...and I had the desire to just pitch my bike into oblivion from the Mile High Swinging Bridge nearby. But I was too weak, both physically and spiritually, to make that happen. And I didn't want to explain my littering ways to The Man giving me the evil eye.
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