The Bikes of Bobke Strut…7

Year: 1999
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event: 30+ Cyclocross National Championship and Elite SuperCup Finale
Frame manufacturer: Redline
Frame material: 6000 series aluminum
Gruppo: Primarily Dura-Ace 9 speed

Dear Redline-

Does anybody that work for you actually ride bikes? Because whose brilliant idea was it to
(1) build an aluminum 'cross frame
(2) with a non-replaceable derailleur hanger
(3) for a facet of cycling where gratuitous crashing is par for the course.

Thanks for creating a frame which now just collects dust in my basement until the welding fairies show up and convert that oversized paper weight into a single-speed.

Angrily yours,
Bobke Strut

The weekend of 'cross racing at the Presidio was likely one of American cycling's best weekends in the past 50 years...if you happened to start in the front row. Tim Johnson called the Presidio venue a "glorified BMX track", and I'd wholeheartedly agree. There's nothing like partaking in a UCI sanctioned event on a course violating lord knowns how many UCI course regulations.

But it was still a blast. There's nothing quite like warming up for a race by riding your bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. And there's nothing funnier than 4 skinny freaks laden with 6 bike cases checking into a hipster hotel and being mistaken for a band. We probably could have BSed the ladies for a while...until we had to explain how our guitars were actually bicycles and how our "gig" was actually a national championship bicycle race and how our "tour bus" was a rental mini-van and how those "roadies" were actually our wives.
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