The Bikes of Bobke Strut…5

Year: 1993
Location: Somewhere in upstate New York, very close to Canada
Event: Pro/Am Tour of the Adirondacks
Frame manufacturer: Giordana
Frame material: Columbus TSX steel
Gruppo: Dura-Ace 8(?) speed

The story:
That's me in the purple jersey, looking a wee bit rough. More on that later...

Maybe it's the Duke alumnus in me, but the blue/white panel paint scheme is an especially fetching, classic color palate. This bike, too, was an especially durable steed which withstood several years of punishing racing.

The day before the stage pictured above was the "Queen stage" of the Tour of the Adirondacks: a gut-buster of a road race with the final 8 miles uphill to the summit of Whiteface Mountain. I missed my feed and arrived at the base of the climb totally out of water. I remember watching some Chisholm Racing pros, people wiser than I in the arcana of surviving stage races, swing out of the paceline over to the guardrail and snatch some bottles left for them by their support crew. I was both impressed and jealous. Bastards. Bastards with water.

Then it started to piss down rain. I climbed into the mist, just trying to make the time cut.

Water, water everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

Well, not exactly. While the rain was chilling me to the bone as I gained altitude, I started to lick my stem to get something to drink. Definitely one of the low points of my racing days.

My fellow North Carolinians, the Chisholm Racing crew, took pity on me and drove me off Whiteface in the comfort of their (very warm) team van. I was freezing my ass off at the summit, trying to stay warm thanks to the hand drier in the visitor center men's room. Due to a breakdown in logistics, my ride off the summit never arrived. Fun times, indeed.
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