The Bikes of Bobke Strut…4

Year: 1990
Location: Somerville, NJ
Event: Pro/Am Tour of Somerville
Frame manufacturer: Razesa
Frame material: Columbus SLX steel
Gruppo: Dura-Ace 7 speed

The story:
Ok, first I'll discuss the hair.

My lid has had a mind of its own my entire life...It's thick, wavy, robust--only fairly recently have I mastered the mane and settled into a salt & pepper Jim Jarmusch-esque explosion. Just as Jim Jarmusch has founded The Sons of Lee Marvin, perhaps I should create a society for my generation: The Sons of Jim Jarmusch. Right now membership is limited to just me and Johnny Suede era Brad Pitt:

Now that's some hair. Brad Pitt starring in the film Johnny Suede.

(But I digress). Let's leave it at I thought I looked cool. Just like I thought Oakley Frogskins were cool. White Oakley Frogskins.

I've always loved the Tour of Somerville. Oddly, I looked forward to cooling down on the course the most. It was enough to survive the carnage and cherry pick which yard's barbecue and beer extravaganza looked (and smelled) most appealing. Because anyone who finished attained instant rock-star status--you could just roll up to somebody's front yard immediatly post-race and they'd give you whatever food and beverages you desired. Since I was poor and thirsty, stuffing my jersey pockets and bottle cages full of beer Euro domestique-style seemed like a good return on my sweat equity investment. I never saw any cash at Somerville, so free beer and burgers it was.

The bike...quite simply it was a workhorse of unimaginable dimension. I probably raced this frame more than any other. It was used and abused, crashed, dented, scratched, cracked, and it still kept on going. This bike hit asphalt at 55mph+ (as did I, too) and survived. Sort of. I probably got one more year out of it than any sane person would--there were some serious structural integrity issues which I was too broke to address.

Steel is real...real fucking tough.
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