The Bikes of Bobke Strut…2

Year: 1983
Location: Hadley, NY
Event: New York North District Championships
Frame manufacturer: Lotus
Frame material: Tange steel
Gruppo: First generation Shimano 600

The story:
That's me on the left (red/yellow jersey with the red Lotus), moments after winning the first USCF race I ever entered: New York North district road championships. This was back in the era of having to qualify for the national championships via the district championship system. In New York North, for intermediate boys, it was winner take all--if you wanted to go to nationals you had to win the race. First place goes to San Diego in July, second place and lower stays home in New York. The other rider (white jersey), Doug finished a close second, but he couldn't quite claw his way back to me when I dropped him on the final climb about 1 km. from the finish line. The official in the cowboy hat is New York North district rep Ralph McCreadie, the other man I believe is Doug's father.

This was my first lesson in not being intimidated by superior bicycles and flashier duds. I had a too-big stock Lotus which set me back about $400, Doug was riding a custom Serotta with full Campy Record worth easily 4x as much. I knew nothing of junior gear restrictions, and through the good will of Ralph McCreadie I was able to race with my three smallest cogs blocked off via rear derailleur limit screws. Doug was pissed that such a clueless rube won, and I flew to San Diego later that summer with my Dad for my first foray into road nationals. I think I ended up about 25th.
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