Lone Biker of the Apocalypse

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It’s true. Judgement Day will soon be upon us. May 21, 2011.

Planet Earth has been stricken with earthquakes, floods, nuclear meltdown, war, pestilence, turmoil. And the last sign that The End is upon us? John Gadret has won a Grand Tour stage.

Yes, his Freakiness lit it up today on the steep finishing pitch at the conclusion of stage 11 at the Giro d’Italia. With 300m to go, as the GC contenders balked for a split second in their pursuit of Katusha’s Daniel Moreno, John Gadret turned on the afterburners, laid waste to his Giro rivals, reduced Moreno to a puddle of goo, and finally captured that elusive uber win.
It's true. John Gadret won a bike race. Photo by Roberto Bettini.
It’s true. John Gadret won a bike race. Photo by Roberto Bettini.

After a few off-seasons of denying his love affair with cyclo-cross, Gadret once again put in a winter of muddy goodness and has reaped the rewards.

That bastard had best keep his affinity for mud, Dugast tubulars, and embrocation alive and kicking through Louisville, 2013, because I’m going to sit that flyweight Frenchman down in a bar stool, shake his hand, and buy him a beer.

My work will then be done.

I’m not dead yet”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that Bobke Strut has been updated about as often as John Gadret wins bike races. Like once a millennium.

Frankly, I’ve run out of gas. But…I still have a few ideas which need to be shared and will put my nose to the grindstone to get those cranked out. For real.