Al Trautwig asserts his A-thaur-i-tah

I must confess that I’ve never really been much of an Al Trautwig fan during his forays into Tour de France talking head-dom. That being said, it was quite amusing to hear Trautwig rip into his fellow announcers and the Flyers home office regarding Sarah Palin’s recent puck-dropping episode on Philadelphia home ice. I rarely find myself viewing professional sports outside of pro cycling and Formula 1 so my breadth of sportscaster experiences is rather limited, but these clowns on air with Trautwig make my regular cast of characters all sound like Rhodes scholars. About Palin — “Look how HOT she is!”…describing the presidential election as “entertainment”? Trautwig must have to down a fifth of bourbon and take a long shower each and every night to counteract the effects of the bottom-feeding braintrust on air with him during hockey season.

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  1. Politics and religion, we can disagree about and it’s supposed to be cool. We’re grown-ups here and differences in matters of conscience aren’t worth having a tantrum over. But praising the multi-dimensionally untalented Trautwig? Never acceptable. That’s like leaving the pieplate on your new Pinarello, then going for a ride with boxers and a T-shirt worn under your bibs.

  2. Daneyko suggests we shouldn’t underestimate the American viewing public….can that be done?

  3. You go Al. I didn’t much like you before, but now, a little more.

  4. Yeah Al’s even worse in gymnastics than cycling (as every olympics proves) but I think he’s awesome here! Good for him. Go Al!

    Love the blog by the way.

  5. hey, i think i missed this. can someone point me toward a youtube link?

  6. I think I just entered “trautwig palin” and it was the first thing that came up.

  7. Commentators were pretty down to earth guys making comments that an average guy (myself included) don’t have an issue with. Anything else seems like snobbery to me, or just bias against a political party, or both which is weak.

    Can’t help but add I’d really dig this blog though.

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