“Nice Suits”

Way back in the ’70s, prior to my baptism into The Church of the Big Ring, my existence was defined by big air on BMX bikes and sheer velocity on skateboards.

But nothing…NOTHING…I ever did compares to these freaks. This video has been making the rounds and I’m just stunned. And awestruck. And laughing my ass off with glee.

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  1. …crazy sick stuff…loved every minute of it & like you, pietro, it definitely took me back…

    …skated sf in places that now make me wonder what we were thinkin’…watching that made me remember…

  2. Great stuff!
    I got overtaken while on my bike down my local mountain by some guys on boards (with a lot more protective padding than suits!) and I was doing 60-65 kph.

  3. Yeah, I fell over when I realized I used to ride this road weekly. The first couple turns are much scarier than shown. Here was my take:

  4. wow Peter, I missed this posting during Vegas, this is amazing…i was on the edge of my seat.

  5. thx 4 sharing … incredible

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