Get Your Grand Tour On

The undisputed King of Clip Art Comedy is David Rees, whose work resides at My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable. Of particular note is his series entitled Get Your War On comprised of clip art office workers reacting to the insanity of a post-9/11 America. Brace yourselves for a torrent of obscenity-laced humor likely to make you laugh so hard you’ll cry if only to just simply keep yourself from crying in despair.

Of course, being intimately connected to the pulse of the pro cycling universe, I happened to discover that none other than Bernard Hinault and Laurent Fignon were cube-mates to the stars of GYWO. Click here to enter their world.

Vive le Tour.

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  1. …re: ‘get your war on’…ya, what you said…jeezus…

    …& how did rees get transcripts of actual conversations between le petite blaireau, monsieur hinault & professor fignon ???…

  2. Rees is genius. And not a bad ‘cover’ of the work. Rees sarcasm is, however, damn near untoppable.

  3. Hi Bob,
    We love the Tour and have followed for years… That being said, please let us know what has happened to Al Trautwig… you, Al,Phil and Paul had such great chemistry and I don’t know who this new guy is. I’m from St. Paul, MN- the biggest, small,damn town in the universe- and “we” don’t handle change well. Please give me the stright scoop.

    Also, and here’s the loaded question… Do you think that Floyd Landis is guilty of doping? I don’t think so- why would he persue the legal thing to death if he feels he’s innocent?- but my hubby thinks Floyd did it (my boy was a cat 2 for an eon when we were youungins)… just would like to know your thoughts. We might be from St. Small, but we are private people who would like to see cycling survive and thrive for our grandkids to enjoy- I can keep my mouth shut.

    And lastly, and on a personal note, I think it’s a really poor turn of events that Greg LeMond is now in the spotlight on Versus. I so supported him when he won the Tour in ‘89, but he whined his way through that- and the year before- (and when he wasn’t complaining, Kathy was). I know it’s a difficult race, but it is exactly that- no free rides (no pun intended)
    and comraderie is the unspoken language. Still bugs me that he broke that rule.

    p.s. Even if you can’t answer my Floyd question, please let me know about Al.

    Missy from Minnesota

  4. …pierre’(pietro)…excusez-moi, monsieur !!!…i didn’t realize it was you who sussed out those very real tapes……merde’, ami, i poo-ed the screw-ch on that one…

    …tres’ amusante…acun la moins…

    …missy…non repremandes, cheri, but i’ll suggest you research info about this site…although i’m sure pietro will weigh in, to keep informed…

    …but i do agree w/ you that while lemond was magnificent on the bike in his day, he needs to rethink his perhaps well intentioned, although self centered musings & realize the sound of his comments DO sound like whining & sour grapes…

  5. I love you.

  6. this made my day.

  7. brilliant! sammy d’s stage win was supposed to be this big highlight for french cycling . . . but then the badger stormed onto the stage, kicked some butt, and reminded them all of how far they’d fallen.

    as for hinault-cloning: in light of the rise of taylor phinney, one is tempted to speculate about the hinault-longo progeny that never was . . .

    would’ve been a damn handsome kid, that’s for sure.

  8. “get your grand tour on”
    “vive le tour”

    …whoops !!!…shoulda known, same ol’ same ol’…

    …fingers crossed…maybe they can pull it out of ‘le toilette’ before it’s over…

  9. Nice to find a fellow GYWO fan! The Hinault/ Fignon adaptation was inspired. Keep being you.

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