Give that man a beer

It all seemed so innocuous. A pro cyclist is laboring up a climb in searing heat, he’s thirsty, a spectator offers a beverage, said pro takes the hand-up and puts it away. Nobody bats an eye.

But let Glen Chadwick explain what happened in Philadelphia last Sunday…

I joked to Eric the night before about grabbing a beer out of the crowd up the wall and on the second last run up there in the break opportunity beckoned! Out from the crowd came this shiny freshly cracked icy cold can of beer and I grabbed that sucker, which obviously pleased the crowd, they couldn’t believe it. I necked half the can like in a commercial and launched the remains over the heads of some spectators further up who were equally surprised. It tasted great to be quite honest and refreshing to say the least! I didn’t realise at the time, but out team car was behind and saw me grab it also and gave ‘em a good laugh. They reckon if it was on film that it should of gotten the play of the week on ESPN. That would be a classic!

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  1. I was off the back in the last pro road race I did when I grabbed a beer feed up the steepest part of the climb. I was suffering from my lack of fitness and the heat, and I have to say that beer never tasted so good. Beer-feeding in a breakaway is class, though.

  2. Wow. That is impressive / awesome.

    Do you have any more video of Philly this year? I haven’t seen any live coverage of it, and this is fantastic.

  3. Classic! Was at the Harlem Crits this past weekend and the beers were flowing too, albeit, not during. Nice video.

  4. Nat Ross is still the king:

  5. during the ‘88 alpe de huez stage, someone in the crowd hands steven rooks a can: he chugs it without looking, then spits it out again. i always figured it was beer, but judge for yourselves (at 5:22):

  6. Yep, even warm beer is insanely delicious in the midst of a good effort. I had a warmish tecate in mile 7 of an 8 mile hill climb and it was such a delicious nuanced taste it surprised me. I detected oak and perhaps a hint of mulberry.

    Chadwick is masterful in his subtle snatching and chugging. Very pro.

  7. …fastest, easiest carbo load in the bizness…not very sustaining w/out constant replenishment but highly effective & refreshing..

    …just sayin’…

  8. At Nevada City, the year Scott Moniger won the pro race, a guy named Chuck Hutcheson did the same thing but had a hell of a time getting rid of the container cause it was glass!

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