2007 Cyclocross World Cup: Koksijde…65

Nico Mattan, 11.24.2007

23 November 2007
I guess Nico Mattan supporters in Koksijde hit the hay pretty early...the restaurant's all closed up at approximately 7pm on a Friday night. Maybe the party's at Nico's house...

We spent the night in Koksijde prior to the 'cross race and quickly discovered that 1) things are pretty deserted in a coastal resort area in the off-season and 2) basing pre-race night life on my experiences in Philadelphia for USPRO doesn't transfer across the pond to Belgium. We went to the offical race hotel to see if there was any activity and the only evidence we found of pre-race festivities was a taciturn table of older folks who may or may not have been race officials. My Crank Brothers jacket definitely caught their attention as I walked towards our table, but we could tell this would be a quick night out on the town. Where were the teeming thousands of fans? Well, Belgium isn't that big and I'd wager about 99% of the spectators made their way to Koksijde that Saturday as a day trip.

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