2007 Cyclocross World Cup: Koksijde…40

Beer tent, 11.24.2007

24 November 2007
At the heart of any Euro World Cup 'cross venue lurks the beer tent. Just to the right of the tent is the Euro solution to relieving beer-induced stress on the male bladder. The linked photo was taken by Jon Baker's wife Cyndi at a 'cross venue (Niel) earlier this season, but the same device appeared in Koksijde. It was conveniently situated so one could pee and watch the Jumbo-tron at the same time, an option exercised multiple occasions by your intrepid author. Of course, many spectators opted for Plan B...simply peeing in the bushes all of 8 feet away from the provided urinal, or anywhere else along the parcours where one found something upright and non-human to focus one's efforts.

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