2007 Cyclocross World Cup: Koksijde…35

David Derepas, 11.24.2007

24 November 2007
Introducing the lone Frenchman at Koksijde: David Derepas. There was a lone Frenchman at Koksijde last year who rode much better than Derepas' 27th place...none other than JG himself, John Gadret, who wound up a fine 5th despite being significantly out-watted in the power-sucking sand sections. And where is Gadret this season? I don't know, but it appears that he's skipping 'cross season this winter. There hasn't been a trace of him in any 'cross results, even regional races in France. He did ride a full road season this year, but so did Enrico Franzoi. There's an interesing article in the December 2007 Procycling which examines whether one can truly star in both 'cross and on the road in Europe. It seems pretty clear that specialization is the norm these days and when the 'cross stars hit the road the results are somewhat lackluster. Of course, then you have Roger DeVlaeminck chiming in with his message that all of today's 'cross riders are girlymen and lack the talent to shine on the road as they shine on the 'cross circuit in the winter. Of course, he kind of shoots himself in the foot by also saying that he was one-in-million and admitting that nobody else has replicated his dual 'cross/road palmares.

When exiting the parcours at the end of the day, I spied perhaps the lone, public Gadret supporter at Koksijde. He was decked out in his Gadret Supporter jacket, likely making a beeline to a bar to drown his sorrows at his hero's absence this season.

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