2007 Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…22

21 November 2007
The crowd substantially thinned out by the last hour of the night, so we made our way down to the seats closest to the track for the evening's final event: a 30 minute + 10 lap madison. Here, Iljo Keisse is checking out the action on the other side of the track and is awaiting to be handslung back into the action by partner Robert Bartko. Keisse is a charismatic showman on the bike and really got the crowd roaring by popping small wheelies at warp speed during both his winning derny ride and while attacking in the madison. Keisse also got a lively wave going in the Kuipke while he lapped the field during the derny event...pure electricity.

When you're this close to the action you can really see the expressions on the riders' faces in the heat of competition. Just prior to this photo Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins took a lap to salvage a moral victory in an evening of getting absolutely pummelled and you could see them laughing during the final exchange which brought them to the rear of the pack to gain a lap. And speaking of being just absolutely pummelled, the Belgian duo of Steve Schets and Ingmar Depoortere were 30 laps down overall by the end of this evening. Ingmar Depoortere must have known someone just to our left because every time he rolled through near the rail when he was circling the track waiting for a handsling he made all kinds of goofy faces into the stands...all no doubt suggesting, "What the fuck am I doing out here?"

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