2007 Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…11

21 November 2007
Pictured are 1 of 2 American teams taking place in the UIV Cup, an espoir precursor to the pro event, at the 6 Days of Gent. Fore is Guy East, rear is Austin Carroll. Unfortunately for these guys, Austin Carroll ate it hard near the end of their 200 lap madison and he was taken away in a stretcher with a separated shoulder. At this point I was purchasing bratwurst and beer and I totally missed the incident. And as you can see, if you're not racing the pro event you don't get a bunk to set up shop. It's uber low budget all the way--folding chairs, duffle bags, and rollers out in the open on the infield.

Guy East ended up partnering with Jackie Simes IV for the latter portion of the Gent UIV Cup. I'm not sure what happened to Simes' partner David Wiswell, but East/Simes IV ended Gent in style by winning the final night's UIV Cup madison.

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