2007 Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…8

21 November 2007
It's derny row!
Evidently I'll need to grow a beard and gain about 100 pounds before I'd be allowed on one of these. Maybe if I solely adopt the Kuipke staples of beer, bratwurst, and burgers as my diet plan for the next year I can return bloated enough to pilot one of these rigs. While the dernys remain somewhat mysterious in their operation (the running jump start, the slow rpms pedalled by the derny driver) the derny races were a blast to watch despite filling up the velodrome with exhaust fumes. At least smoking has been banned within the Kuipke, otherwise the evening could have been insufferable. And that's me speaking just as a spectator, imagine what it's like to race in a haze of cigarette and cigar smoke on top of derny exhaust for about 5 hours each evening on 6 consecutive nights. From reading some American espoir accounts of the Amsterdam 6-day earlier in the season, a venue where smoking is allowed, apparently there's a noticeable amount of pot smoke mixed into the caustic haze to boot. Just try to explain that when you pee in a cup for WADA.

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