2007 Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…7

21 November 2007
Up close and personal, indeed. David Wiswell (front) and Jackie Simes IV (back) warm up high on the track. In a few moments when they're approaching the finish line, they'll dive down off the banking and Wiswell will handsling Simes IV forward. This is a move they'll repeat in about 20 minutes for the UIV Cup's first event of the evening: the flying single lap (166 meters) TT. Each team circles the track for about 4 laps building up speed with one rider doing the entire leadout and then handslinging his drafting partner up to warp speed at the start/finish line to start the clock for one incredibly quick lap. The best espoirs were clocking about 9.1 seconds for the 166 meter TT, while the pros would do about 8.8 seconds a bit later in the evening.

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