2007 Philadelphia International Championship…14

The End of an Era

Mike Jones (Jelly Belly, #75), front and center, ascends Lemon Hill for the last time on the peloton's 6th time up. If you had the ability to pan approximately 5 feet to the right you'd see that Jones is riding tail gunner with the Rite Aid guy on his inside and he'd be popped by the time they passed the boathouses on their way out to Manayunk.

The rest of Jones' compatriots at the back managed to finish: (L-R) #26-David Vitoria (BMC): 25th; #155-Christian Valenzuela (SLP): 35th; #77-Andrew Bajadali (Jelly Belly): 23rd; and #194-Michael Creed (Slipstream): 124th.

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