Cyclocross World Cup-Koksijde…The full story, Part 1

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  1. Cool stuff Peter…
    I sent the link to my bosses at Ridley! Next year you should focus on derny’s and motorhomes!

    welcome back…to work.

  2. looks like a great trip. Thanks for the photos. Any shots of the Koppenberg?

  3. Dana-
    There were quite a few Ridleys on display and it looks like I found plenty of them. I’ve still got another batch of 33 photos from the Koksijde event and those primarily focus on the racing itself. Wait ’til you see the sand! I will never complain about riding through a volleyball court sandbox again…the immense length and depth of the sandy sections was unreal. Some of the riders lacking in power couldn’t even ride the downhill sections without coming to a complete halt.

    Eddie B-
    I’ll have some Koppenberg shots to display at some point, but right now they’re all in my brother-in-law’s camera. Unfortunately we were only able to reach it by car, not by bike, due to time constraints so there’s no dramatic photos of me weaving my way uphill braving the steep and treacherously slick cobbles. It was drizzly and misty when we arrived and (hopefully) the photos will do it justice.

  4. Pietro, thanks for sharing your trip with us, hope to see you in Boone (beer tent) or Cary

  5. …what a wonderfully intimate look at the teams setup areas…the team trucks are one thing, but the top stars personalized campers add such a ‘traveling circus’ atmosphere to the show…

    …very cool, thank you, pietro…

  6. Great pics and thank you for sharing the stories too.

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