Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…Night Two–the full story

Everyone who loves professional cycling should spend at least one evening in the Kuipke.

The evening’s race schedule:

6:30pm UIV Cup: Flying 1 lap TT (166 m) and 200 lap madison
8:05pm Pro team introductions
8:30pm 60 lap points race
8:50pm Madison miss-and-out
9:10pm Flying 1 lap TT (166 m): Team 13 first…Team 1 last
9:30pm Madison: 40 minutes + 10 laps
10:15pm Break…cheesy singing performed by Gary Hagger, definitely time to re-load on beer and brats.
10:35pm Derny heat #1 (teams 7-12): 60 laps
10:50pm Miss-and-out
11:05pm Derny heat #2 (teams 1-6): 60 laps
11:20pm Flying 500 m TT: Team 13 first…Team 1 last
11:45pm Supersprint: Madison miss-and-out until 6 teams remain + 10 laps
12:00am Derny final
12:15am Scratch race (everyone except those who just competed in the derny final)
12:25am Madison: 30 minutes + 10 laps

Comments (4) to “Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…Night Two–the full story”

  1. Cool pictures. Thanks bob!

  2. fantastic post. thanks for the great pictures and commentary… makes me want to go to Belgium!

  3. There is no other place in the world like Belgium to experiance the culture and beauty of bicycle racing. From Juniors to Beroepsrenners(pros)it is interwoven into the culture and history of this country. As someone in Belgium once told me, if your good here you will be good anywhere in the world. Thanks for the great photos and posts…you make everyone here in the states want to join you!!!

  4. …my ‘romantic’ view of euro cycling has always been that italians were the most passionate about their wheelmen, but you and others have taught me to understand the fanaticism of the belgians regarding their cycling culture…

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