2007 Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent…Wednesday Night

As Mac Canon previously stated, “50 degree banking, baby!” The electronic screen above the track shows the results of the UIV Cup flying lap TT still in-progress.

Pictured are 1 of 2 American teams taking place in the UIV Cup, an espoir precursor to the pro event, at the 6 Days of Ghent. Fore is Guy East, rear is Austin Carroll. Unfortunately for these guys, Austin Carroll ate it hard near the end of their 200 lap madison and he was taken away in a stretcher with a separated shoulder. At this point I was purchasing bratwurst and beer and I totally missed the incident. And as you can see, if you’re not racing the pro event you don’t get a bunk to set up shop. It’s uber low budget all the way…folding chairs, duffle bags, and rollers out in the open on the infield.

The pros are taking processional laps for approximately 25 minutes as all 13 teams are introduced. They form a tight double paceline with the teams in reverse order (ie…team 13 at the front down to team 1 at the rear). The announcers run down the palmares of the team on the front, once completed that team pulls up high on the track and waves to the crowd for one lap, then they drift to the rear in order for the next team to get their due. At this point it’s pretty early in the intro laps…the team in the solid red jerseys near the rear of the double paceline are Team #2: Iljo Keisse (the local Gent hero) and teammate Robert Bartko (a German with tree-trunk legs). Behind them in white are Team #1: the Swiss duo of Bruno Risi/Franco Marvulli. It’s only 8pm-ish…the stands didn’t fill up until the first madison, the fourth event of the evening, got underway at about 9:30pm. Racing went until 1am.

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  1. …exciting, peter & though i’m experiencing the ghent 6 vicariously through your post, it’s still fun (& neater than just reading about race results on cn)…as you’ll recall, i mentioned i was at the last toronto 6 day race as a kid…
    …50 degreess, ye-ow, stirs the blood…thanks…

  2. When I saw the Gent 6, Tony Doyle and Danny Clark won it 86 OR 87 ? just walking out and looking at the track freaks you out it is so steep! I saw Dewilde puncture and fall one night in the transition. It is absolutely off the chain, thanks for the wonderful posts…eat lots o’frites David

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