I’m in Gent, Belgium this week. First up on the “things to do before I die” list is catching a night of the 6 Days of Gent. That will be Wednesday evening…I’ll be drinking beer in the center of the track all night. Next up on the list is a ‘cross World Cup in Belgium…so it’s off to Koskijde on Saturday. Tomorrow my mission is to ride from Gent to Oundenaarde and back so I can ascend the Koppenberg. And not pull a Skibby.

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  1. Have Leffe or two for me braks my heart that Im not at the 6 day this year.

  2. Try an Achen no 8.

  3. The Plum shop is just down the street from the velodrome. Be sure to pick up the real Belgium kneewarmers at the Apoteek. Decontractil balsem or Emercil and green oil to rock that leifhebber shine!! Just ask for an opwarming balsem for de benen… voor wielrenners. I always liked trappist after the race… sometimes Carolis (SP) OR Palm. I’m not sure but that run down housewith no windows or doors that Mac Canon and everyone else stayed at is not that far away either just ask someone at the races. You should take a picture of it and post it if they haven’t bulldosed it down. LOL.. take care, David

  4. Excellent stuff and I can’t wait for your reports! Is Gadret riding any ‘cross this season?

  5. Have fun Peter! Drink a St. Bernardus ABT 12 for me. Also take pictures on the Koppenburg…and eat some frites with curry mayo…and mussles…and rabbit…and get me Anthony Kumpen’s autograph…and get a picture of Bart Wellens trying to kick you…and see if Bruno Risi has a pulse…and think of me in Philly eating bad turkey and drinking bad American beer.


  6. hey,

    just got back not too long ago from europe. spent three weekends in Flanders, rode the tourist Ronde, got lost and wound up in Aalst, saw Freddy Maertens at the Ronde museum, rode the koppenburg, turned around and rode back down to take pictures and rode back up, they should build a hill like this in Cary somewhere. i like belgium.

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  9. Dude, right on there brother.

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