Just the facts, ma’am

Check out the Stage 8 medical report released by the Tour de France:

Stuart O’Grady…Wow, that’s some serious damage.
Patrick Sinkewitz…nailed a spectator after the stage while descending the Montee de Tignes on his way to the hotel. Just a bad day all around for T-Mobile.
David MillarWTF? Is Millar a vampire? That certainly sheds a different light (no pun intended) on his prior blood-doping escapades. Maybe that’s why Zabriskie has been known to eat so much garlic.

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  1. “We’re dead meat”:


  2. Also, speaking of the living undead — that medical report could have mentioned a long-buried corpse named Iban climbing out of his coffin and getting onto a Scott . . .

  3. how about Burghardt today? The only think that would have made it worse is if it had been a black cat. That being said I hope that dog is ok, dogs are cooler then cats.

  4. Dana-

    I watched the footage of Burghardt vs. French lab many times. From what I can tell the dog is fine, which is good, but who just lets their dog mosey into the path of a blazing peloton. It’s not like it bolted out into the street. He looked creeky and oblivious, surely somebody on the side of the road could have collared it. Well…I can answer that question. The same type of person who laughs when their unleashed dogs chase after me when I ride past their house.

    What was also pretty amazing was watching that front wheel just fold over. I guess turning your wheel 90 degrees to the direction of travel is not something that wheel engineers take into consideration :)

  5. Cool for the dog, I only saw the stills not the video. The wheel looked pretty toasted, doesn’t help the Burghardt is so darn big. He’s like an Axel Merckx that has been allowed to eat! I dont envy your dog situation, one of the few benefits to city riding is that we dont have Roxboro dogs chasing us anymore! How about the Kazak crosswind gang?

  6. Apparently Count Von Millar has taken to wearing arm warmers in the heat to ward off his sun rash:


    Also, these dogs on the course are no laughing matter: let us not forget the untimely demise of Joaquim Agostinho.

  7. Easy now my fuzzy little man peach!

  8. I think Mr Vampire is really the gimp. Check it out here

  9. learn more…

    Bobke Strut…

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