A Quarter Century of Ferrous Frames, Fright Wigs, and Fab Fashion

2007 marks the 25th consecutive year that I’ve held a USCF/USA Cycling license. I’ve probably ridden a bike in excess of 200,000 miles, raced maybe 1,000 times, but there’s no confirmation of either statistic. I’ve never kept a training diary, and the remnants of races past are not particularly plentiful. However, I do have a fair amount of photographs of my racing endeavors. Over the past 25 years I’ve owned and raced 12 different bikes. These are their stories:

1.     2.  
3.     4.  
5.     6.  

Part 2, with bikes 7-12, is coming soon…

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  1. steel, the real deal.

  2. Great stuff Peter! Black Detto (Pietros?)shoes, Benotto tape (so cal summer days with no gloves, yuck). Your 93 photo was interesting, no cover/shell Specialized no ounce helmet and a dude on a black Kestrel in a field of steel. Are those Sachs shifters on your ‘98 bike? I’m pretty sure you dropped me while riding that bike, I never noticed the Sachs clunkers! Your photos made me think about the good old days when I was mediocre and skinny. Cant wait for more photos!

  3. I always made sure to take off the crankbolt dustcaps like in picture 6.

    That’s how the pros always had it.

  4. What a great post! I really enjoyed the pictures and your text brings it all to life. I’m glad somebody else that actually races once owned a PUCH. Looking forward to bikes 7-12!

  5. This is brilliant! I bought the cinelli bars too and even reversed my cables.
    I really like the 93 / #5 photo… I was 13 and joined Boston road club in 89 and had similar kit. Why do I remember everyone looking much cooler… keep up the great site.

  6. Great post - can’t wait to see the next round!

  7. Great stuff, as usual.

    Some of those pics definitely bring me back. I used to know one of the guys in pic 5, and remember that ponytail. How could you forget it?

    Which race is that? I might have been there.

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