Not so good for base miles

February, 2007…Just another snow-filled day in backwoods New York

In a former life, back when I lived in upstate New York and still had aspirations of signing my name on a pro contract, I may have found a way to actually ride outside in such snowy environs (or at least bust out the cross country skis). But I’ve grown soft and count my blessings that I spend my winters in North Carolina rather than the frigid netherworld of the Tug Hill Plateau. It’s nice riding outside in February with the thermometer at about 50, rather than -50, degrees F.

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  1. Peter,

    I do recall you being on your trainer in our library room during those snowy winters you speak of. Your skis are still here.


  2. I grew up in Watertown (and still go up there a few times per year) but I wasn’t serious about the bike at that time. Riding up there is so much easier than Boston - just miles and miles of farm land and people that aren’t trying to run you off the road. It must definitely be a good winter for XC skiing there this year.

  3. amoxil…

    uotunl oexosh…

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