Mooninites & Menninites

Lost in all the media frenzy out of Boston regarding the city’s invasion by Mooninites was the simultaneous, mysterious appearance worldwide of the Mooninites’ obscure, equally angry, and more highly pixelated brethren: the Menninites. Evidently, this disturbingly advanced species of alien being has been sighted afixed to bridges and buildings in locales such as Austin, TX; Solvang, CA; Montreal, Canada; Dublin, Ireland; Aigle, Switzerland; Vigo, Spain; Châtenay-Malabry, France; and Colorado Springs, CO. A spokesman for the Menninite species, residing in San Diego, CA, had little to offer besides, “Explanations are pointless, Earthling press corps. Our culture is advanced beyond anything you can possibly comprehend with 110% of your brain. Just give us our maillot jaune and we’ll spare your planet.”

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  1. Peter, brilliant! You rock! More posts like this, please. We miss your regular updates.

  2. more! this is really great Peter.

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