Alia Iacta Est

Just who is Frankie Andreu’s anonymous partner in crime? Here’s US Postal’s 1999 TdF lineup:

181 Lance Armstrong (USA)
182 Frankie Andreu (USA)
183 Pascal Derame (Fra)
184 Tyler Hamilton (USA)
185 George Hincapie (USA)
186 Kevin Livingston (USA)
187 Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Den)
188 Christian Vandevelde (USA)
189 Jonathan Vaughters (USA)

It really seems odd that one of Andreu’s 8 teammates is trying to keep his identity a secret

“because he said he did not want to jeopardize his job in cycling”

Did Mr. X really think that nobody would do a 10 second Google query to see who else was on the 1999 US Postal TdF squad in addition to Andreu? The person in question has to be either Jonathan Vaughters or Kevin Livingston, and my money’s on Livingston. Vaughters has too much at stake with his TIAA-CREF squad to risk the bad press, and he’s already made a statement within a signed affadavit attesting to no personal knowledge of drug use at US Postal. Livingston indeed does still have a job in cycling, and one only has to wonder if some strange car accident, bankruptcy, or stern “lecture” from hired-goons will soon befall Kevin.

This “I took EPO while preparing for the 1999 TdF” revelation of Frankie Andreu certainly has curious timing, coming not-too-long after his sudden dismissal from DS of the Toyota-United Pro Cycling squad. If that rather perplexing termination was a none-too-subtle long distance jujitsu strike to the gut orchestrated by a certain Lance Armstrong because of the Andreus’ (Mr. and Mrs.) testimony, then this public tell-all is Andreu’s bitch slap of Armstrong. I think this may only get uglier…

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  1. More in depth analysis at

  2. Wasn’t Marty Jeminson on the team and left off the tour squad at the last mintue? Could he be a possiblely overlooked contendor for Rider X. He seemed pissed at Postal. Don’t know if he still races or is invovled with the sport. The article only indicates the team members were preparing for the tour, not that they rode in it?

  3. Roger-

    I forgot about Marty Jemison. His career sure went down the tubes after he dared to win the 1999 USPRO title instead of Hincapie. However, I went back and read the article about Frankie and Rider X and it seemed that the mystery man rode the Tour in 1999. From the NYT article:

    \”Neither rider ever tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, but both said they felt as if they had to take EPO to make the Tour team in 1999. Andreu would not say specifically when he took the drug, and the second rider said he did not use EPO during the Tour.\”

    Although, Jemison does still have a leg in the cycling world. He conducts cycling tours of his old stomping grounds in Italy, Spain, and France.

  4. HI Peter,
    I agree with you 100% that it’s Kevin Livingston. More than likely the NYT approached Andreau for the story. For the story to be credible another source would be needed, especially to give the impression that some type of systematic doping program was going on. It makes sense that Franky stayed away from directly implicating Lance for his own reputation and to not seem vindictive (considering everything he’s been through lately). Adding a second rider legitimizes the article. For this to work the rider in question probably left Postal in a negative fashion (Livingston) and would probably need a post racing relationship with Andreau. After Andreau’s USPS termination, he worked together with Livingston at TREK travel and with their own company taking people on Tours of Martinique and other French West Indies destinations. They were close during Lance’s cancer demise and resurection (as is stated in Lances book). The other guys just dont make sense, Voughters won Mt. Ventoux and some other race leading into the 99 Tour, so he was a shoe in on a climbing challenged team, and I just dont think he was juiced. Anyway, I’m just rambling now so I should go to bed…keep up the good work!

  5. The timing is weird, especially given his firing AND his high profile starbucks cup appearance

  6. Didn’t Livingston retire at an early age as well? Maybe the drug culture at USPS and then T-Mobile soured him on the sport. Just speculation, but he was a promising rider that just quit.

  7. I am thinking that it would be even more devestating for Armstrong if it was Livingston, because before his departure for team Jan (AKA T-Mobile) he and Armstrong were thick as thieves and all. Makes one think doesn’t it?

    I agree that it is probably not Vaughters because he does have a lot to lose with TIAA-Cref and he has a good thing going on there for sure.

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