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  1. Joel, Jerm, Graham, and I were in NYC for the weekend, so I missed Greenville.
    Thanks for making it less bad.

  2. Hey man, great blog…just came across it. I was done in Greenville for the road race, fantastic. Very excited that Big George Hincapie won. Anyway, random question for you. Richard Fries cracks me up with his one liners when calling a race. I actually found a site for Phil Ligget one liners but have not been able to find one for Fries. Do you know of one that exists? Thanks for any insight.

  3. Hey Anthony-

    Thanks for reading.

    I’ve seen Richard Fries announce races in person at USPRO (Philadelphia, in Lemon Hill) and I think also at cyclocross nationals, but unfortunately I don’t know of any sites or resources devoted to his witticisms. I’ll have to pay more attention the next time I’m around him and then start up a list here.

  4. Dick Ring (his real name) taught Richard Fries everything he knows about calling a race. Anyone who raced in New England in the 90’s will tell you.

    “Lord Love A Duck” was one of my favourite ringisms, but the all time best one was after a rider named Burgoyne escaped with two to go at the three race at Optical avenue in Keane NH. As the field came by for the bell lap looking at each other, Mr. Ring exclaimed “well folks, it looks like Burgoyne, be gone.”

    Truly Epic. Anyhoo, Fries was writing for the NE mag The Ride at the time, and surely learned his current skills from the master.

    Great Update from Nats, BTW

  5. Gob-

    I raced in New England during 1983-1991 and have had the pleasure on many, many occasions to be in a Dick Ring announced event.

    I remember how he’d like to heap praise on people by using the expression “Savvy Rider” over and over.

    “Yah, that Mahhhk McCormahhhck…that’s one savvy rider.”

    He also seemed to have a soft spot for several of the riders from Upstate New York where I lived. He’d go off on these long tangents, doing their bio seemingly from birth to the present in great detail, all the while not really paying attention to the race taking place right in front of him.

    Has Dick Ring retired? He was getting up there in years back when I raced in New England.

  6. Great photos Peter…I chose to live USPRO weekend vicariously through you. I went on a Duvel bender to block out the fact that USPRO is not in Philly anymore.


    Depressed in South Philly

  7. Mr. Ring is mostly retired. I think I read on Kerry Litka’s blog that he made a special appearance at Fitchburg or one of the bigger NE races this year, but I might be imagining that, too.

    I always enjoyed how when he was relating the “bio’s” of the riders, most of them suddenly were speed skaters in the off season, whether they’d ever laced up skates or not.

    He would work the back uphill corner at the Killington Stage Race, tossing out KOM primes with maniacal glee. He truly was something special and his love and knowledge for the sport and the riders made races so much more fun.

    Another of my all time favourites was, on a day with extremely dark clouds, and a smallish breakaway late in a master’s race. He predicted a winner from that bunch, but then covered himself by adding “Now, anything I say right now doesn’t hold any water. You see those clouds? They hold a lot of water, but anything I say, nope, doesn’t hold water.”

    I could go on for hours.

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