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Just who is Frankie Andreu’s anonymous partner in crime? Here’s US Postal’s 1999 TdF lineup:

181 Lance Armstrong (USA)
182 Frankie Andreu (USA)
183 Pascal Derame (Fra)
184 Tyler Hamilton (USA)
185 George Hincapie (USA)
186 Kevin Livingston (USA)
187 Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Den)
188 Christian Vandevelde (USA)
189 Jonathan Vaughters (USA)

It really seems odd that one of Andreu’s 8 teammates is trying to keep his identity a secret

“because he said he did not want to jeopardize his job in cycling”

Did Mr. X really think that nobody would do a 10 second Google query to see who else was on the 1999 US Postal TdF squad in addition to Andreu? The person in question has to be either Jonathan Vaughters or Kevin Livingston, and my money’s on Livingston. Vaughters has too much at stake with his TIAA-CREF squad to risk the bad press, and he’s already made a statement within a signed affadavit attesting to no personal knowledge of drug use at US Postal. Livingston indeed does still have a job in cycling, and one only has to wonder if some strange car accident, bankruptcy, or stern “lecture” from hired-goons will soon befall Kevin.

This “I took EPO while preparing for the 1999 TdF” revelation of Frankie Andreu certainly has curious timing, coming not-too-long after his sudden dismissal from DS of the Toyota-United Pro Cycling squad. If that rather perplexing termination was a none-too-subtle long distance jujitsu strike to the gut orchestrated by a certain Lance Armstrong because of the Andreus’ (Mr. and Mrs.) testimony, then this public tell-all is Andreu’s bitch slap of Armstrong. I think this may only get uglier…

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