Will Croon For Food; Will Race 5 Consecutive Grand Tours For Food; Will Watch USPRO For Beer

“Toby” belts out a tune on NBC’s Rockstar Supernova Henk Vogels on the mic - January, 2006
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Word-or most likely baseless, unfounded rumors-on the Internets is that 2006 US pro peloton powerhouse Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team is short on cash and on the verge of not completing their inaugural season. Soon after the appearance of this speculative chatter, however, a bombshell announcement hits the ususal cycling sites: none other than Aussie hardguy Henk Vogels will once again base himself stateside and race for Toyota-United in 2007.


Has anyone seen Vogels racing lately? Because I think he’s trying to diversify his income portfolio by auditioning for the frontman spot of made - for - tv - over- the - hill - rocker -gotta - pay - the - rent - somehow - cause - we - got -screwed - out - of - a - lifetime - of - royalties - and - now - beg - for - crumbs - on - NBC - peddling -Supernova lameness. Like I’ve mentioned before when discussing Johnny Green’s book about le Tour, there’s not much of a difference between the life of a pro cyclist and that of a rock musician. Except for those pesky drug tests. Let’s see if there’s a burning the candle at both ends rocker-racer life for Vogels next season, surely a ticket to shaving some years off one’s expected lifespan…And I realize I’m ripe for mockery for actually having viewed multiple episodes of Rockstar Supernova.

What’s going on over at CSC? Completing the Grand Tour triple header within a single calendar year has always been an occasional freakish anomaly, aside for a single round of popularity back in the 1991 glory days of EPO. But CSC seems hellbent on bringing “The Triple” back into style. 2005 saw old-man Giovanni Lombardi complete all 3 Grand Tours, and then just for good measure he kept on going in 2006 completing the Giro and nearly completing le Tour. 4.5 consecutive Tours…not bad. Not to be outdone, Carlos Sastre is embarking on his 3rd Grand Tour of 2006 with the soon-to-commence Vuelta (having started a streak of consecutive Grand Tours with the 2005 Tour de France). And upping the ante over Lombardi, Sastre is actually trying to win them. Nevertheless, Sastre can only hope to tie for 6th on the Triple Crown GC tabulator…

Let’s review the upper echelon of the GC freaks of yore, courtesy of cycling4all.com:

Ralph Geminiani (Fra)   1955   4th   6th   3rd
Gastone Nencini (Fra)   1957   1st   6th   9th
Federico Bahamontes (Spa)   1958   17th   8th   6th
Eduardo Chozas (Spa)   1991   10th   11th   11th
Marino Lejaretta (Spa)   1989   10th   5th   20th
Marino Lejaretta (Spa)   1987   4th   10th   34th
Eduardo Chozas (Fra)   1990   11th   6th   33rd

Sastre has a 43rd in the Giro, a 4th (maybe upgraded to 3rd?) in the Tour, and a victory in the Vuelta will give him a GC total score of 48, tied for 6th with Lejaretta. As long as Sastre doesn’t whip out his kid’s pacifier again if he wins a stage, I’ll be pulling for him.

Greenville USPRO…I’ll be making the drive down I-85 to check out the road race on September 3rd. I’m real curious to see what kind of turnout the race generates. If anyone wants to grab a beer (or beers) I’ll be in the race hotel Hilton Greenville Saturday and Sunday nights. I don’t know what kind of bars are around, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out once I’m there.

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  1. Henk with Supernova? Maybe. But only my boy G (Lombardi, that is) could pull the Triple and tour with Tommy Lee. That’s a Grand Tour!

    Add “The Dirt” to your required reading.

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