ProTour Purgatory

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Edward Hopper frittered away gratuitous amounts of time watching six-day races in Madison Square Garden in search of inspiration. Undoubtedly, the recently concluded Tour de France has attracted his attention whilst floating around the ether. I’ve been possessed by the caustic spirit of Edward Hopper today, and a 2006 version of Nighthawks has been channelled through me via Photoshop. Click on the image to start the sequence of panels…

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  1. awesome. fantastic work.

  2. and you know how much I love E.H.

    really? well, alot. that’s how much.

  3. Is that Santiago Botero or Perez doing dishes in the back?

  4. Cosmo- That’s the beauty of fine art, it’s open to interpretation…

    But if push came to shove, I’d pick Perez. I think he needs the money more.

  5. Believe Floyd! I really want to.

  6. Absolutely brilliant! I laugh harder every time I see it! Keep up the great writing (just do it a little more often!)

  7. Barbie-
    I’d like to spend each and every day writing here, but unfortunately my pesky day job gets in the way…Thanks for reading.

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  13. …typical pro bike racer…used to other people taking care of everything for them…Floyd, where’s your damn lock?

  14. I like your website; I will share this with friends

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