Giro Redux

The previous 2 entries of images were from my wee digital camera. Here are a few selections from the Giro summit finish at Passo Lanciano and the stage start at Francavilla al Mare taken with my wife’s 35mm camera.

May 14. Giro d’Italia Stage 8. Passo Lanciano summit finish.

Giro caravan
Jacuzzi-sized ESTATHE’ containers make their way to the summit of Passo Lanciano.

Passo Lanciano tifosi
A mountain-top chock full of Danilo Di Luca tifosi eagerly await his arrival.

Gonchar and Pena at 350 meters to go
A better photo of Gonchar and Pena 350 meters from the Passo Lanciano summit.

One of the gruppettos near the summit
At 19:33 behind Ivan Basso, the first large gruppetto makes its way to the summit with Staf Scheirlinckx (Cofidis) resplendent in the Giro’s green climber’s jersey at the far right. Scheirlinckx would surrender the climber’s jersey to Basso at this stage’s conclusion. In fact, Basso may already have donned the jersey on the podium prior to Scheirlinckx’s arrival.

Super-sized Danilo Di Luca
A super-sized Di Luca looms over Passo Lanciano via jumbo-tron.

I keep an eye on Di Luca's bike while he's talking to RAI tv
Amidst the post-stage tifosi, I cast a glance at Danilo Di Luca’s Bianchi atop a Liquigas vehicle.

Elvis has left the building
Bjarne Riis drives Ivan Basso (visible in the passenger seat) off Passo Lanciano.

The glorious life of a ProTour domestique
The glorious life of a ProTour domestique. “It’s pissing down rain…My sneakers are buried god-knows-where beneath all this crap…I’m cold, I’m miserable…This car has no leg room…The mechanic has been and continues to chain smoke…Kill me now, please.”

May 15. Giro d’Italia Stage 9. Francavilla al Mare stage start.

Giovanni Lombardi
Giovanni Lombardi signs-in at Francavilla al Mare.

Preben Van Hecke
Davitamon-Lotto Belgian Preben Van Hecke (who are you???) signs in at Francavilla al Mare.

Gilberto Simoni
Gilberto Simoni exits the sign-in stage. “Yeah, I’m not gonna win this Giro. But at least me and old man Piepoli are kicking the crap out of that punk Cunego.”

Paolo Savoldelli
Paolo Savoldelli gestures to the tifosi amassed in Francavilla al Mare.

Zelig Hymasini
Pietro “Zelig” Hymasini signs-in at Francavilla al Mare. Don’t laugh too hard, I have a hunch quite a few 2007 ProTour squads will be looking to supplement their rosters. Like their entire rosters.

Paolo Savoldelli in a sea of people
Everybody wants a piece of Paolo Savoldelli on his way to the start line.

The Giro d'Italia and the Adriatic
Palms, Adriatic, and Giro d’Italia: A still life.

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