Passo Lanciano

Check out today’s (Sunday, May 14th) Giro d’Italia coverage on OLN. There’s a rather large BASSO across the road at exactly 350 meters to go. Vertically (Scrabble-style) from the B and first S is an equally large BOBKE STRUT. Some Gazzetto della Sporto journalists photographed me chalking the street (I wanted to be a bit more environmentally conscientious than using spray paint. Plus, the summit was swarmed with police and I didn’t want to push my luck and get arrested). All the Italians (and of the approximately 100,000 people on the climb, I think 99% were Italian) had no clue at all what Bobke Strut was. It was truly comical listening to the hundreds and hundreds of people walking over it and exclaiming “Bas-so!!!!” and then uttering a perplexed “Boob-ka Stroot?”. I tried to explain it in my uber-minimal Italian, but I don’t think anybody understood.

And how about how psychic I am. Basso kicked ass today. And I even snapped a photo of him right in front of my Basso sign. I got Rujano to look at me as he rode by inches away, and Gadret turned his head around. Probably not expecting an “Allez Gadret” deep in Italy. And damn, most of those guys out there were freaky skinny. The whole mountain top let out a collective moan of grief when the loudspeakers said that Di Luca (the local boy, he lives about 40km away and trains on Passo Lanciano frequently) fell off the pace. There was applause of respect for Basso, but not thunderous ovations.

More, much more when I get back in a week.


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