World Class Helmet-Heads

Bobke Strut says, buy this DVD!Danny Pate and Mike Sayers, discussing their day off the front of the Philly peloton, in the Health Net tent post-race.

No coal in my stocking this year, but instead a must-see DVD. PRO, Jamie Paolinetti’s deftly filmed USPRO week documentary, is worth viewing if only for the scene pictured above. Danny Pate and Mike Sayers drove the first lap break in Philly for approximately 120 miles before calling it a day. One of Paolinett’s cameras honed in on them retiring to the Health Net feed zone tent and first Sayers, then Pate, take off their helmets to reveal geometric road grime stains and an exquisitely sculpted, disheveled lid. It’s the subtle, normally off-camera moments like this which exemplify what being a pro cyclist is really all about.

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