Stay tuned…

Thank you to everyone responsible for adding clicks to the counter while my brain has been on sabbatical. New material is on the way, including “Remembrance of Ass-Kickings Past” (1999 Long Island SuperCup: Bobke Strut lines up against ‘cross uber-man Daniele Pontoni, find out what a former world champion says to pack-filler when their sorry asses get lapped after a mere 40 minutes), James “Babe” Cromwell’s late 1970s, pre-famous-actor, SoCal cycling career, a “where are they now” treatment of the rider roster from my first nationals experience (San Diego, 1983), and a photo-essay of what happens to nice bikes (one owned by a future Navigators pro) when they get run over by a very fast, very oblivious 18-wheeler on the outskirts of Chicago. Damn that was funny.

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