World Car Free Day

For one day out of the year can you succeed in keeping your fossil fuel emissions to an absolute minimum (preferably zero)? Leave the car in the driveway and use any combination of walking, cycling, or public transportation for your day’s travels. Burn some extra calories and maybe, if the message is headed in ample numbers, the air will be cleaner and the roads more pedestrian/cyclist friendly for a change. If you happen to be a cyclist in Durham I hope you’ll attend Duke’s “Pedaling for a Safe Commute” Ride beginning at 12 noon on East Campus. I’ll be out there on my fine MB-4 beater singlespeed, the only one sporting an expansive EVILDOER sticker on the downtube.

World Doping Free Peloton Day

Et tu, Tyler? I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty, but the initial evidence surely seems ominous.
Maybe the UCI should institute an amnesty day like your local library does so scofflaws can come clean with their 12 year old, overdue books. Everyone who’s juiced up on god knows what can publicly clean out their cache of pharmaceuticals and maybe restore some shred of integrity to our sport.

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