“I Still Got the Moxy”

Masters-aged Joop Zoetemelk, ensconced in his Evil Cycling world champion colors, motoring to his record 16th Tour de France finish in 1986 at the age of 40. Photo courtesy of www.evilcycling.com2004 Tour de France Masters Roster

Richard Virenque (Quick.Step): 35 years old, 15th overall, 7th (new record) Polka Dot jersey, 11th completed Tour, shit on by Frederico Bahamontes
Laurent Brochard (AG2R): 36 years old, 29th overall, 10th completed Tour
Jean-Cyril Robin (Fdjeux): 35 years old, 47th overall, 11th completed Tour
Laurent Dufaux (Quick.Step): 35 years old, 67th overall, 11th completed Tour
Rolf Aldag (T-Mobile): 36 years old, 69th overall, 10th completed Tour
Claus Michael Moller (Alessio): 36 years old, 70th overall, 1st completed Tour
Viacheslav Ekimov (US Postal): 38 years old, 80th overall, 14th completed Tour
Scott Sunderland (Alessio): 38 years old, 96th overall, 2nd completed Tour
Andrea Noe (Alessio): 35 years old, 99th overall, 2nd completed Tour
Peter Farazijn (Cofidis): 35 years old, 107th overall, 7th completed Tour
Marc Wauters (Rabobank): 35 years old, 112th overall, 12th completed Tour
Uwe Peschel (Gerolsteiner): 36 years old, 125th overall, 2nd completed Tour
Stefano Zanini (Quick.Step): 35 years old, 126th overall, 6th completed Tour
Gilles Bouvard (RAGT): 35 years old, 128th overall, 4th completed Tour
Pierre Bourquenoud (RAGT): 35 years old, 130th overall, 2nd completed Tour
Fabio Baldato (Alessio): 36 years old, 135th overall, 8th completed Tour

However, Henri Paret has all of these guys beat. In 1904 he finished 11th overall in Le Tour at the age of 50.

Nice Lid…

Check out Jonas Carney’s new ‘do. Congrats on winning Downer Avenue.

You Cannot Be Serious!

One of my favorite sports personalities, John McEnroe, was sporting a maillot jaune while hosting his TV show this evening. Unfortunately, even thought they’re both in the Nike stable, I don’t think McEnroe has enough star power to book Armstrong for his program. I’m sure they’d have a lively conversation, although most of what I’d be interested in probably wouldn’t see the light of day.

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