Tour day France

Stage 4…Did anyone notice what appeared to be a small wedge underneath Jens Voigt’s saddle yesterday? I thought, damn, what kind of self-respecting pro would start a race with a spare tube and tools tucked away on his bike. Is this CSC’s secret plan to make each rider self-sufficient on northern France’s cobbles? Screw neutral support, fix that flat yourself! Of course, there was a legitimate reason for the seat pack. It was actually a wireless device to transmit SRM data to the team vehicle. What for? I’m not really sure, but had the scoop about the new SRM equipment CSC is trying out.

I wouldn’t have noticed this if I hadn’t read about it at, but has anyone seen the totally ludicrous derailleur cable routing that Erik Zabel is sporting on his bike? Zabel’s inner Ergo-phile tendencies must be irrepressible. I’ve always liked the cleaner aesthetics of having both derailleur and brake cables routed under the bar tape with Campy Ergo levers, but come on, what’s the big deal about having your Dura-Ace derailleur cables exposed? Erik, you’re insane…

Portrait of the Artist as a Hood Baseball Scholar

Peter Nash (aka Pete Nice) is shown here with his friend Rube Oldring, Jr. as they admire the plaque of Rube Oldring, Sr. mounted in Veteran Stadium's Hall of Fame. Nash is a long time supporter of Rube, Sr. and was also instrumental in having a ball-field in Cooperstown renamed Rube Oldring Field.
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Just the other day, as I was listening to 3rd Bass’s excellent Cactus Album, I began to wonder what befell one of my favorite rap gurus, 3rd Bass mastermind Hip Minister Pete Nice. And as things sometimes happen, the answer dropped out of the sky yesterday. While I was reading the most recent ESPN magazine to check out their cover story of Lance, I came across an interesting article about a cemetery in Brooklyn which was the final resting place of many of professional baseball’s late 19th/early 20th century pioneers. It turns out that the man being interviewed, and the author of a 2003 book Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetary is a certain Peter Nash, aka 3rd Bass frontman Pete Nice. Having turned his back on the music business, the only rapper with an Ivy League education has devoted his life to baseball scholarship. He’s an active member of the Society for American Baseball Research, has 2 more baseball history books in the hopper, is the curator of the Chadwick Collection (a travelling collection of 19th century baseball memorabilia), and the ultimate kicker to this story is that he now lives in my hometown of Cooperstown, NY. Damn, I’ve got to get back to Cooperstown and grab some beers with him in the Hotel Pratt…

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  1. Pete Nice is not the only rapper to have an Ivy League education, Roxanne Shanté has a Ph.D in psychology from Cornell University

  2. Truly a very cool guy. He owns a sports bar, too. He inspired me to go to college.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Actually, Roxanne Shante apparently lied about that according to Slate Magazine:

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