Up for a quick breath of air…

Taking summer grad school courses looks like a good idea until you’re actually in the midst of a course which condenses a normal semester’s work of work (spaced over 4 months) into a mere 2 weeks. My brain hurts.

Help me Jeebus, I can’t quite wind up that 53×11 on my own…

What’s up with teams putting bible quotes on their clothing? I just did the state crit championships and was forced to read a bible passage plastered on the ass panel of someone’s shorts. That was always some serious motivation to move back towards the front of the field away from mr. inspirational quote. Way back in the early 1980s when I started my racing career I glommed on to one of the great benefits of travelling to races: no more attendence in church. I hated going to church. I grew up in a Catholic household, attended Catholic school until 7th grade, and have spent the rest of my life de-programming what was beaten into my naive, impressionable brain. Over the years I’ve grown profoundly secular in my world view and now I’m getting a wee bit disturbed to see Jeebus creeping back into my pagan Sundays.

Andre the Giant Has a Posse

And now Bob Roll has one too..

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