F**K You Bobke Strut!!!

Pavel Tonkov flips off a persnickety blogger upon winning the 17th stage of the 2004 Giro D'Italia. (Photo property of Graham Watson-www.grahamwatson.com)Damn, I guess Pavel read my indictment of his hairstyle and took out his frustrations on the Giro peloton. Maybe I should be given some credit for resurrecting his illustrious career. For what it’s worth, I’m not quite sure if Tonkov actually has a mullet. When I first noticed the limp lock of hair on his back it seemed attached too low on his head to be a legit ponytail, but maybe I was mistaken. I have yet to see a definitive, up-close look at his hairdo while he’s without a helmet to determine if he’s got “business in the front” to go along with his “party in the back” or if there’s a full-on party all over Tonkov’s head. Anyway, bravo to Tonkov on a well earned win today in Italy.

I’ve been a firm believer in turning the other cheek to motorists when their driving pisses me off (there are just too many hotheaded freaks packing heat to risk getting aerated with lead), but yesterday I pulled a Tonkov and flipped off a van which nearly took me out on my commute to school. While cruising along Erwin Road a van buzzed me so closely that its passenger-side mirror clipped my messenger bag and my elbow. I managed to stay upright and my elbow is fine, and in a fit of rage I flipped the asshole off. He slammed on his brakes but then floored it and took off before I could get his license number. Bastard. At least if I had hit the deck I was only about 300 meters from Duke University Hospital’s ER doorway…

Young Americans In Europe

I wish I was ballsy enough to have made the plunge and immersed myself in the European peloton when I was in my early 20s. I spent about 6 months studying in Ireland as a college student and should have hopped over to Belgium when I had the opportunity. Oh well, it’s all water long under the bridge now. Here are a few blogs from intrepid Americans racing in Europe that most likely are flying way under the radar.

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