Richmond, VA

This past weekend was spent in Richmond, primarily to watch the CapTech Classic. The course was BRUTAL! 125′ of climbing per lap meant the men totalled 6000′ of climbing over 100km of racing. This wasn’t going to be your regular 4 corner, flat-as-a-pancake crit but a course for the tough guys. has a good race report if you want the details and some photos.

Gordon McCauley (Team Monex) was on fire. We were about half-way up the climb and McCauley was absolutely killing it lap after lap on his own. He was out of the saddle, raging in the big ring, and his solo lap times were remarkably consistent (always within 5 seconds of each other). It took about 50km for a chase group of 9 to bridge up to Gordon, and even after contact was made Gordon, Erik Saunders (Ofoto), and Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita) immediately countered and were never seen again (that is until they lapped the field). The consensus was that Saunders and Haedo would duke it out for the victory, hometown pro vs. Tour of Georgia speed demon. However, McCauley, a seasoned pro with Continental experience, totally turned on the afterburners and torched Saunders and Haedo. Quite an impressive effort. The climb definitely took some punch out of Saunders and Haedo. I got to say an ever so brief “Hello” and congratulations to Saunders before he was wisked away to the podium. He’s a class act and there was definitely a palpable excitement in the crowd regarding his return to Richmond.

While spectating at the race I couldn’t help but notice the sizeable fixed gear/messenger element cruising around the course. I knew that Richmond has hosted messenger races, but I’d never really realized the extent of the scene. Here are a couple of links, Richmond Sprint Club and Riders of Brohan, which document what’s up in Richmond. I remember seeing quite a few of the riders pictured on the sites at the CapTech course on Saturday. I also found this site, Old Skool Track, NYC which has a pretty amazing collection of writing, photos, videos, info, etc… regarding riding a track bike on city streets. Pretty cool stuff.

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